Delivering Kagoshima's finest "hamachi" to
all tables around the world

Message from the President

Global Ocean Works

was established in May 2009 with a mission to expand the delicacy of Kagoshima Prefecture`s "Hamachi" yellow tails to all tables around the world.

In hopes to help revitalize Kagoshima, our company has been collaborating with many local businesses and in result building a wide connection within the marine industry. Today specializing in producing fresh and vacuum freeze "hamachi" from our fish farm located in Ushine, our "hamachi" is available to the US and other countries world wide.

Thinking back from when the health-consciousness boom started in the US, Japanese fish became a delicacy and high demands were made due to its health benefits of high protien. Since then, consumers now seeked for high quality fresh or frozen fish especially with a good deal.

With these global circumstances in mind, our company aims to answer to customer demands for reasonably priced high quality marine products.

As we continue to seek new opportunities to grow our business, our primary mission is to contribute in bringing Kagoshima Prefecture`s finest "hamachi" to all tables around the world. Thus, your support and guidance wil be greatly appreciated.